At Complete Property Solutions, we understand the indispensable role of a smoothly operating electrical system, crucial for the functionality of your residence and the productivity of your business.

Whether faced with an unexpected power outage, a complex wiring issue, or urgent electrical emergencies demanding immediate attention, count on us. Our proficient team stands prepared and equipped to tackle your electrical requirements with unmatched expertise and unwavering professionalism.

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At Complete Property Solutions, we recognise the crucial role that a reliable electrical system plays in ensuring both the comfort of your home and the productivity of your workplace. An efficient and safe electrical system is not just a convenience— it is a necessity.

From unexpected issues like a sudden power outage or flickering lights to more complex problems such as overloaded circuits or faulty wiring, our expert team is equipped to handle any electrical challenge. We specialise in a wide range of services, including emergency repairs, system upgrades, and routine maintenance to keep your electrical systems in peak condition.

Our dedicated team of certified electricians is always ready to provide prompt and professional service. We use the latest tools and techniques to ensure that all work is done efficiently and safely, minimising any disruption to your daily activities.

What services do electricians offer?

Electricians are essential in the world of property maintenance, playing a pivotal role in ensuring the proper functioning and safety of electrical systems in both homes and businesses.

Complete Property Solutions takes pride in offering comprehensive electrical services that address all your electrical needs, from installation and repair to maintenance and upgrades. Let’s explore the range of tasks an electrician handles and understand why they are crucial to maintaining the comfort, safety, and efficiency of your environment.

Electricians are skilled in a wide array of services including:

  • Electrical Installations: Installing new electrical systems, wiring in new constructions, or adding components to existing systems in renovations.
  • Maintenance Services: Conducting routine checks and servicing to ensure that all electrical components are functioning correctly and safely.
  • Repairs: Addressing issues such as circuit breaker replacements, fixing faulty wiring, and resolving power outages or electrical surges.
  • Upgrades: Enhancing existing electrical systems to accommodate additional capacity or updating them to meet modern safety standards.
  • Safety Inspections: Performing detailed inspections to ensure that electrical systems comply with local and national safety codes and regulations.
  • Emergency Services: Providing rapid response to emergencies where electrical malfunction poses immediate risks.
  • Lighting Solutions: Designing and implementing lighting systems that enhance the aesthetic of a space while ensuring energy efficiency.
  • Smart Home Installations: Equipping homes with the latest technology in home automation, including smart lighting, security systems, and energy management systems.

By offering these diverse services, electricians at Complete Property Solutions ensure that your electrical systems are not only functional but also up to date with the latest technology and safety standards, contributing significantly to the well-being and efficiency of your daily environment.

Other electrical services

Electricians offer a broad spectrum of services that extend beyond traditional electrical installations and repairs, including cutting-edge solutions in renewable energy and electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure.

Here’s a detailed look at some of these additional services:

Renewable Energy Systems Installation: Many electricians are now skilled in installing and maintaining renewable energy systems, such as solar panels and heat pumps. This includes setting up the necessary components like inverters and battery storage systems to ensure homes and businesses can efficiently generate and store renewable energy.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger Installation: As EVs become more common, the home need and public charging stations is growing. Electricians install various types of EV chargers, including Level 1, Level 2, and DC Fast Chargers, catering to different vehicle requirements and charging speeds.

Energy Efficiency Audits: Electricians often conduct energy audits to assess energy use and efficiency in a home or business. They provide recommendations on how to reduce energy consumption, such as upgrading to LED lighting, improving insulation, or installing energy-efficient appliances.

And much more…

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electriciansAre you looking for a electrician?
No job is too big or too small. We’ll fix it for you!


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Electrical Services

Need an Emergency Electrician?

We offer a comprehensive range of electrical services designed to address every aspect of your system’s needs.

From routine maintenance and repairs to installations and emergency responses, our team of skilled professionals is here to ensure your electrical system operates efficiently and reliably.

Trust us to deliver quality service and peace of mind, making us the go-to choice for all your electrical requirements.

When unexpected electrical issues arise, Complete Property Solutions is ready to respond with our emergency electrical services.

Our expert team is on call 24/7, equipped to handle any electrical crisis swiftly and effectively. 

Trust us for immediate assistance whenever you need it most, ensuring your electrical emergencies are quickly and efficiently resolved. – We’re ready 24/7. 

Electricians Tips & Advice

Are you tired of dealing with electrical issues and looking for reliable, professional advice? Complete Property Solutions is excited to introduce our exclusive collection of electrical tips and advice, designed to help homeowners like you maintain a safe, efficient, and trouble-free electrical system. Our expert electricians have combined their wealth of knowledge and experience to bring you practical, easy-to-follow guidance for everyday electrical needs, including emergency situations.

10 Essential Plumbing Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Home System

Schedule regular electrical inspections by a licensed electrician to identify and address potential hazards before they become serious issues.

Regularly test smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and circuit breakers to ensure they are functioning properly. Replace batteries annually or as needed.

If your home is over 25 years old, consider having outdated wiring inspected and replaced with modern, safer materials to reduce the risk of fires and improve efficiency.

Protect your electronic devices from power surges by using surge protectors, especially for high-value electronics like computers and entertainment systems.

Always use the correct wattage for light fixtures to prevent overheating, which can lead to fire hazards.

Fix any loose electrical outlets or switches as they can pose serious risks, including electrocution and fire.

Be mindful of the electrical load on each circuit to avoid overloading, which can cause circuit breakers to trip and potentially lead to fire.

Install tamper-resistant (TR) receptacles or use safety caps on all unused outlets to protect children from electrical injuries.

Ensure outdoor electrical systems are enclosed and waterproofed to protect against weather-related damage. Use covers for outdoor outlets, especially in areas exposed to rain or snow.

Ensure that your electrical panel is easily accessible in case of emergencies, with a clear area around it for safe operation. Do not block the panel with furniture or other obstructions.


Why Trust Our Tips and Advice?

Expert Knowledge: Our tips come straight from licensed professionals with years of experience in the field.  We provide actionable advice that you can implement immediately, saving you time and money.

Commonly Questions To Ask A Electrician?

electriciansQuestions to ask your electrician before you hire them? – When preparing to consult with an electrician, it’s essential to arm yourself with the right questions to ensure you’re getting the best service for your home. First and foremost, delve into the types of electrical services they offer to understand if they align with your specific needs, whether it’s a minor repair or a full-scale installation. It’s also wise to inquire about their availability for emergency services, as electrical issues often arise unexpectedly and require immediate attention.

Electricians Qualifications?

Establishing the electrician’s qualifications is crucial for peace of mind. Ask about their experience in the industry, their licensing, and whether they are insured and bonded.

This not only confirms their legitimacy but also protects you as the homeowner. By ensuring your electrician is well-equipped to handle your project, you can trust that your electrical needs will be addressed promptly and professionally.

All of our Electrical Engineers hold current NVQ & City & Guild Qualifications among other professional qualifications


electriciansAre you looking for a electrician?
No job is too big or too small. We’ll fix it for you!

At Complete Property Solutions, our electricians are certified through respected accreditation bodies and participate in ongoing training programs. This ensures they’re equipped with the latest electrical techniques and safety protocols, providing you with the most efficient and reliable service.

Can you detail the insurance coverage and licensing your electricians hold?

Absolutely. All of our electricians are fully licensed, which confirms they have met stringent training and qualification standards. Additionally, we carry comprehensive liability and worker’s compensation insurance to protect our clients and staff from any unforeseen incidents. Your property and peace of mind are our top priorities.

Our team includes electricians specialized in a wide range of services from residential wiring, and commercial projects, to cutting-edge smart home technologies and renewable energy solutions. No matter your project’s scope, we have the right professionals to ensure high-quality results tailored to your specific needs.

Certainly! We’re proud of our work and happy to provide references from past clients who had similar projects. These testimonials speak to our ability to deliver high-quality service and customer satisfaction. We encourage you to reach out to them and hear firsthand about their experiences with our team.

Our electricians have extensive experience with a variety of electrical systems and configurations, ranging from older homes needing upgrades to new commercial installations. We’ve successfully completed numerous projects like yours, and we’re confident in our ability to meet your specific electrical needs.

Your project will be handled by one of our certified electricians, all of whom are full-time employees of Complete Property Solutions. We do not use subcontractors, ensuring consistent quality and accountability directly from our team.

Yes, we stand behind our work with a comprehensive warranty on all services and materials used. We believe in the quality of our workmanship and aim to build trust through our solid guarantees.

Our estimates are detailed and transparent, including a breakdown of labour, materials, and any other potential costs. We ensure you understand exactly what you are paying for without any hidden fees. Our goal is to provide an accurate and fair assessment of the work required.

We maintain clear and open communication throughout our projects. Should any unexpected challenges or necessary changes arise, we discuss these promptly with you and provide options. All changes are documented and require your approval before proceeding, ensuring no surprises.

We prioritise efficient scheduling to accommodate your needs and minimize disruption. Once we start, we provide a clear timeline and stay committed to completing your project within the agreed timeframe. We value your time and strive to deliver as promised.